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When every ounce of nutrition, energy, & hydration counts—teaH2O delivers naturally!  

Why settle for the same artificial sugary sport drink or "enhanced water" when teaH2O provides an essential balance of powerful antioxidants & electrolytes with the all natural benefits and the great taste of real fruit and fresh brewed award-winning green tea. 

Our mission is simple: help improve oxygen delivery & muscle performance while providing great taste.

Green Tea—fresh brewed with high levels of polyphenols and naturally occurring Vitamin B Complex, C, E, fluoride, polysaccharides, flavanoids & magnesium. Green tea has been known to enhance immune function, digestion, longevity & brain functionality.

Vitamin Enriched Water—infused with Magnesium which helps fight against muscle weakness, twitching, & cramping + Calcium which strengthens bones.  

Glucose—a simple carbohydrate and natural source of fuel for the body and mind, is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and  transformed instantly into energy without all the unpleasantness of high fructose or sucrose.

  Real Green Tea + Real Fruit = Great All Natural Taste


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